Backarc Pro

Backarc Pro Massager

Here’s an exciting new product for people with back pain!
Our first product, Backarc Pro – is available now!
Backarc Pro is a professional quality, ergonomically designed, wall-mounted back massager. The unique design combines 8 soft rollers with an “arc” shape that mirrors the natural curve of the spine. With a simple height adjustment, Backarc Pro can be used in the standing position or seated with an exercise ball. You can use as much or as little pressure as you like to massage muscles in your back, neck and shoulders.

Backarc Pro massager allows you to experience a light, relaxing, therapeutic massage while also offering the ability to pinpoint tense or sore muscles with a precise, deep tissue massage. Backarc Pro is the perfect massager for the home, chiropractic offices, physical therapy clinics, gyms, sports facilities, ergonomics specialists or the workplace.

Quality and Engineering
Backarc Pro is a professional quality massager engineered for repetitive use — even in clinical settings. Our custom designed roller contact points are soft and flexible, engineered on a wheel system with bearings. A Rubberwood arc section, stainless steel axles and anodized aluminum wall track ensure quality and durability.  Backarc Pro carries a 2 year warranty. 

» Download instructions for use and installation [.pdf]

Backarc Soft

Coming soon! Designed with oversized and super soft contact points for individuals requiring less pressure or people recovering from specific neck or back injuries.

Backarc Backstation

Coming soon! A consumer version of Backarc designed to have interchangeable contact points and full adjustability that is perfect for the home.