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Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Set – 6-Piece Kit w/Adjustable Plantar Fasciitis Splint, Acupressure Massage Ball, 2 Arch Supports, 2 Compression Sleeves – Complete Planter Fasciitis Support Relief
  • THE AVERAGE dorsal NIGHT SPLINT FOR PLANTAR FASCIITIS is UNCOMFORTABLE AND FRUSTRATING to wear at night, SLIPPING OFF THE FOOT and failing to provide ADEQUATE SUPPORT.At Be the Bee,our Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint is FULLY ADJUSTABLE from 85º to 90º,for EFFECTIVE,COMFORTABLE TREATMENT.Padded with soft foam,nylon and VELVET,our splint’s bendable interior bar stretches the fascia,Achilles tendon, and calf muscles throughout the night, so you feel NOTICEABLE RELIEF in the morning
  • WHILE MOST planters facitis NIGHT SPLINT SETS INCLUDE JUST A FEW TOOLS,our kit features 6 DOCTOR-RECOMMENDED DEVICES proven to help with plantar fasciitis pain.Use our PLANTER FACITIS NIGHT BRACE for reduced pain in the morning,our 2 PADDED ARCH SUPPORTS and 2 COMPRESSION FASCIITIS SLEEVES to relieve planter fascitis symptoms during the day,and our ACUPRESSURE FOOT MASSAGER for at-home treatment–roll the ball under the foot,from toes to heel,for a revitalizing,restorative foot massage
  • UNLIKE OTHER NIGHT SPLINTS for PLANTAR FASCIITIS that are POORLY CONSTRUCTED and TEAR after a few uses, at Be the Bee we select only the HIGHEST QUALITY, MEDICAL-GRADE MATERIALS for plantar fasciitis support. Intended for continuous nightly and daily use, our plantar fasciitis support brace foot splint fascitis plantar and planter fasciitis support night splint is constructed for DURABILITY and RESILIENCE.
  • YOUR COMPLETE TREATMENT FOR PLANTAR FASCIITIS! Morning plantar fascitis pain often happens because we sleep with our toes pointed, shortening our plantar fascia. Our planter facitis night splint for heel pain GENTLY HOLDS THE FOOT AT A 90-DEGREE ANGLE, stretching out the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon throughout the night so you wake up to SIGNIFICANT PAIN RELIEF. And because our plantar fasciitis brace for women and men is fully adjustable,it’s a GREAT FIT FOR MOST ALL BODY TYPES
  • AT BE THE BEE, WE’RE DEDICATED TO providing our customers with PREMIUM, EFFECTIVE PRODUCTS that help them LIVE HEALTHIER, MORE COMFORTABLE LIVES. With our products, we cover all our bases, aiming to create the most beneficial tools possible made from the HIGHEST QUALITY, MOST DURABLE MATERIALS. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your foot brace for planters fasciitis plantar, please CONTACT US DIRECTLY so we can make it right.
Bestseller No. 2
Premium Black Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat for Standing Workstation Office Desk Kitchen Active Standing Desk Mats Walking Pad Balance Cushion Floor Boards with Orange Acupressure Massage Ball
  • BURN CALORIES & INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY – Have you heard that recent studies say that sitting is the NEW smoking? Our anti-fatigue standing mat makes sure you’re moving while working, burning more calories compared to sitting all day, and you can stand for longer period of time for better work productivity. Ours come with a free premium massage ball ($15 value) that you can roll under your tired feet to iron out knots, relieve tightness, & and improve circulation.
  • YOU CAN'T GO BACK TO NORMAL MAT – Standing all day long on a normal mat is boring and draining. This is why we’ve created our anti fatigue standing mat. It helps relieve the burden and pressure from standing or sitting all day so you can stand longer without fatigue or aching feet and legs. The 3D features included on our kitchen/office mat promotes continual foot movement for your health.
  • HOME & OFFICE WORKSPACE – You can keep our mat under your desk to easily transition from sitting to standing. The non-slip mat has anti-skid surface, so you don’t have to worry about slipping. Our mat also offers the perfect amount of space to promote continual active foot movement, and is the perfect choice for nearly any workspace, such as your home, office, classroom, kitchen, and more!
  • ERGONOMIC & COMFY – Our comfort foam is designed to encourage movement and stretching, unlike regular kitchen mats. With a custom front and back ramp calf exercise, support tracks, massage mounds, and acupoint massage bars, your body can enjoy the full benefits of a standing anti-fatigue mat!
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – Saratoga products has 100% money back guarantee. We are committed to excellence. Either you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back. Please contact us if you experience any issues, because customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!
SaleBestseller No. 3
Physix Gear Sport Massage Balls - Best Spiky Ball Roller for Plantar Fasciitis Trigger Points Neck & Back Pain Relief - Deep Tissue Rehab Reflexology Acupressure - Reach Areas Foam Rollers Can't(PURP)
  • EASE AND PORTABILITY - What good is foot relief if the process is complicated? We make things easy. No need for foam rollers; on-the-go stress relief and foot rejuvenation is now at your fingertips - literally! Our spiky massage ball can withstand upto 300 lbs of pressure. Conveniently sized for gym, office, home, vacation and more. Experience the soothing feeling of tranquility as your feet and muscles are freed from aches, tiredness, spasms and nagging pressure at crucial points!
  • EFFECTIVE RELIEF - Working out? The spiky layer offers a stimulating effect and increases circulation throughout your entire body both pre and post workout. This will hit all trigger points and rejuvenate all areas of your body, so you can train harder for longer. The Physix Spiky Massage Balls have the power to soothe tight muscles on demand. Experience deep tissue myofascial release, boost blood flow and faster recovery times. Fast relief from Plantar Fasciitis, Neck & Back Pain
  • BE REBORN - Get back in the game with a firm Durable Roller large enough to reach each knot but small enough for comfortable use in bed. Feel young and reborn by isolating problem areas in the body, increasing flexibility, enhancing Physio Rehab and preventing injury. Our unique Self Massage Tool rolls away the deep muscle knots in the ball of your foot. The physical therapy will diminish your pain and make your feet light all day. Say goodbye to Plantar Fasciitis and sore muscles!
  • FREE EGUIDE - Your orthotic health and physical wellbeing is important to us. This is why as a valued customer, we include a beautifully illustrated FREE eGuide. Our gift to you! Empower yourself with robust massage strategies and techniques that make you feel on top of the world! Our unique Rubber Grip Spiky balls won’t slip on wood floor wall or skin. Feet Reflexology  releases tension in tight uncomfortable muscles, helps sciatica, increases blood circulation & removes toxins
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE– Physix Gear Sport is a truly remarkable company offering one of the absolute best orthotic and foot products on the market. Buy with utmost confidence. If for any reason you aren’t happy, simply contact us and we’ll replace or refund the product for you. 100% risk free! Zero hassles, zero waits. Your satisfaction is our utmost focus. ‘Add to Cart’ now and join thousands of satisfied customers worldwide!
Bestseller No. 4
AKU Ball - Authentic Metal Acupressure and Massage Ball for Pain, Stress and Anxiety Relief | Improve Blood Flow, Reduce Inflammation and Relax Tense Muscles
  • THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE & ACUPRESSURE BALL - The AKU Ball is a proprietary personal acupressure and massage tool engineered to provide pain, stress and anxiety relief. Designed by European sports scientists to improve blood flow, relax tense muscles and reduce inflammation. Experience the most effective manual massage and stress ball available today.
  • DESIGNED WITH 5 ORGANIC METALS - The AKU Ball is built with naturally occurring high-grade metals including copper, zinc, iron, nickel and silver. Discover the sensation of authentic metal acupressure spikes instantly increasing blood circulation. Be careful, you may never want to put the AKU Ball down!
  • WHY AKU? - Located on the skin’s surface lie thousands of acupressure points. At these points, it’s natural for blockages to occur, which can slow down our performance. A few minutes of acupressure therapy stimulates these points, instantly increasing blood circulation, which then causes your body to release endorphins in response.
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE - For hand, foot, neck and elbow pain relief. Use the AKU Ball anywhere, anytime to reduce stress and anxiety while improving blood flow. The AKU Ball is a highly effective tool for individuals with hand pain, foot pain, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, reynaud's, arthritis and cold hands. Improve circulation to the target area and enhance your bodies natural healing abilities.
  • HOW TO USE? - Simply squeeze, step on or roll the AKU Ball allowing the spikes to press firmly against the skin. Experience 5,000 years of healing in the palm of your hand.
SaleBestseller No. 5
BYRIVER Acupressure Foot Massager Acupoint Stimulation Massage Slippers Shoes Reflexology Sandals for Men Women, Reduce Feet Tension Promote Circulation(02S)
  • RELIEF: Designed to soothe foot/ heel pain & tension due to arthritis, neuropathy and other ailments. Great healthcare relaxation gifts for your family, friends.
  • RELAX: Refreshes sore, achy, plantar fasciitis feet. Promotes better blood flow to enhance overall health.
  • Accessories: Package included 5pcs replacing massage buttons. 3 months FREE exchange for non-deliberate damage.
  • QUALITY: Made by environmental friendly materials. 100% QC CHECKED before packing.
  • SIZE: Considerable strap design to adjust the slippers width. If you are between sizes, take larger one.
Bestseller No. 6
LYAPKO Acupuncture Hand/Foot Massage Ball 4.0 Ag 656 Needles. Premium Acupressure Active Massager for Adults and Children - Unique Patented Applicator Therapy Tool
  • IMPROVES COGNITIVE PERFORMANCE with increased blood circulation and restoration of brain functions
  • RELIEVES PAIN AND PRODUCES SEDATIVE EFFECT through hand and foot massage
  • INCREASES ENERGY Alleviates fatigue, energizes and enhances your vitality & mood
  • IMPROVES FINE MOTOR SKILLS tactile sensitivity, development of speech, memory improvement
  • BUY NOW - RISK FREE You’ll love it but if not just send it back within 30 days for a FULL REFUND
SaleBestseller No. 7
Back Stretcher - Back Pain Relief - Sciatica Pain Relief - Posture Corrector - Spinal Stenosis Pain Relief - Neck Pain Relief - Two Massage Balls for Back Pain Included!! !
  • IMMEDIATE And EASY Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Sciatic Pain Relief in the comfort of your home in as little as 10 minutes per day!
  • WASHABLE & FIRM EVA Foam Acupressure device used to stretch and knead tense Back Muscles! Great as a posture corrector for men and women!
  • LOOSEN those tight lumbar and thoracic back muscles that have been stuck in an office chair all day!
  • USE AT WORK in your desk chair while your coworkers are hunched over and tense you will be fresh and relaxed from one of your favorite back pain relief products.
  • REDUCE COSTLY CHIROPRACTOR visits by using your back stretcher a few minutes each day for relief!
SaleBestseller No. 8
ChiFit Back Pain Relief - Acupressure Back Stretcher and Massage Ball Set - Comes with a ChiFit Gift Packing Box for Storage and Travel
  • ChiFit back stretcher (3nd Edition) is highly recommended for the lowest setting or back issues solve which is effective and simplistic way to reduce back pain. Lumbar Back Stretcher Massager with Acupressure grants your back with the relaxation and relieve those aching muscles.
  • Multi-level design and three gear adjustment allows for a desired stretch , very useful for lumbar back pain relief . When lying down on CHIFIT, gravity allows the front of your body to effortlessly stretch out and upwards, and the surrounding muscles start to relax, gently decompressing the discs in your vertebrae, realigning the spine, relieving tension and pain.You'll be amazed by how good you feel after just one use!
  • Acupressure helps you unwind your lumbar and back tension after a long day, Simple to use .
  • Lightweight and Movable , easily take it with you while you travel, or just enjoy it at home and office.The best gift to parents or friends.
  • As you get more advanced and flexible, you can adjust the curve on the arch to a more advanced setting, and immediately you'll be walking taller, and with more confidence as your posture will improve. Enjoy this perfect back stretcher!!!
Bestseller No. 9
Lixada Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set with 2pcs Spiky Massage Balls for Back/Neck/Feet Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation with Carry Bag (Grey&White)
  • SAFE ECOLOGICAL MATERIAL: Lixada massage mat are made of skin-friendly cotton fabric. The interior is made of environmentally friendly 18D high-density foam. The massage nail is ABS non-toxic plastic. 100% natural without side effects, hypoallergenic.
  • NATURAL ANCIENT INDIAN HEALING: The mat has 230 massage nails, 6210 massage points, and the pillow has 59 massage nails, 1593 massage points, each with 27 pressure peaks to provides acupuncture-like therapy, pain relief, and delivers beneficial health effects safely and naturally. In as little as 10 minutes daily use, you'll feel healthy and reinvigorated.
  • MULTI-RELIEF & THERAPY: Lixada acupressure mat provides you complete relaxation while reducing aches, pain, stress and tension relieves not only back, neck, shoulder and sciatic pain whether mild or chronic but also relieves headaches. It also can improve sleep, circulation, and mood as well an increase in energy levels.
  • PORTABLE: This massage set is lightweight and portable, also comes with handy bag for clean and easy storage. Ideal for men and women to bring to yoga, the office, or long trips.
  • Lixada GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you encounter any problems during use, please contact us in time, customer service and sales team provide continuous support. You can be sure that it is a beautiful gift for your friends, family and yourself.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Foot Massager Roller & Spiky Ball Therapy Set - Massage Tool for Muscle Pain Relief from Plantar Fasciitis | Best for Trigger Point Release, Acupressure Reflexology with eBook Guide
  • UNIQUE FOOT MASSAGE THERAPY SET - 1 soft spiky ball, 1 firm spiky ball and 1 hard foam foot roller. Perfect for targeting all areas of the foot, calves and hamstring.
  • INSTANT FOOT PAIN RELIEVER - Reduce muscle aches, soreness, tightness by loosening those tough knots and increase mobility in your feet.
  • CONVENIENT SELF MASSAGE TREATMENT- Perfect for home, office and travel. With your included bonus sleek carrying bag, take your self massaging tool set with you anywhere!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL - Massage balls and Roller are safe non-toxic, washable, durable and built to last. Made out of 100% rubber and phthalates free PVC.
  • EASY TO USE INCLUDED FREE E-BOOK - Enhance your self massaging experience with detailed instructions and tips from our instant access eBook Guide.

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